Key Takeaways for CRM Implementation

CRM - Customer Relationship ManagementHow you go about implementing a CRM system matters. To help you avoid mistakes and maximize success, we’ve put together the following list of takeaways from a peer panel discussion, key questions to ask yourself, and best practices to follow for achieving and maximizing CRM success. For more tips on CRM Implementation Best Practices and what 3 leading firms did to achieve success, download our whitepaper  –

Key takeaways for CRM Implementation:

  • Audit the data – where is the data, inventory the partners and lawyers Outlook contacts
  • Develop a flowchart of your communication – how many steps does it take get targeted relevant communication out the door before CRM
  • Create a Focus Group, CRM team and/or survey team members
  • Find a champion on the management team to help drive the process
  • Consider an RFP for vendor selection – look for a partner to support you through the process
  • Use a Phased-In approach to reach your goals and prioritize your objectives
  • Apply CRM to help the firm with all of your processes
  • Consider a one on one approach to training and solicit feedback for improvement
  • Celebrate victories – keep a file of your wins and share the results
  • Add a little sugar – all good decisions are backed with cupcakes and cookies.

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Mailing List Manager Saves Significant Time…

Mailing List Puzzle Showing Email Marketing Lists OnlineWith ContactEase’s Mailing List Manager, professionals or their secretaries can easily update and select contacts to be on a mailing or event list in a browser window, saving great amounts of time and avoiding paperwork. They just click on those that should get the holiday card, update their industry, select a holiday gift, or see what their status is for the golf outing. An unlimited number of different events and/or mailings can be tracked with this system, allowing for each user to review their own mailing list in significantly less time.

“Coming from a small firm, I am thrilled to have a resource like Contact Ease.   It was simple for me to sync my Outlook.  Then with Mailing List Manager in an hour and a half, I had gone through and marked my 800+ contacts with what announcements and newsletters they should receive.  The feedback I have had from clients in just a month has been amazing.  Also new to the firm, I like the fact that I can search to see who at the firm might have contacts at a company.  It helps optimize business development opportunities and allows me a way to check to make sure I don’t step on any toes.”

Scott Dienes  –  Shareholder, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

ContactEase CRM products are easy-to-use and simple to manage. For more information about ContactEase Add-On Modules visit our website,

Data Change Tracker Add-On Module

With Data Change Tracker, ContactEase CRM can now automatically email reports to users, displaying changes made to their contacts, and reflecting information before and after any change, including who made the edits. The report contains summary information about which contacts are shared with other users, as well as those that are unique.

ContactEase CRM products are easy-to-use and simple to manage. For more information about ContactEase Add-On Modules visit our website,