Spotlight on: Pryor Cashman

Our latest client spotlight is putting us in a New York state of mind. Meet Pryor Cashman, a premier, mid-sized law firm with 180 attorneys in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. Pryor Cashman’s attorneys are known for getting the job done right, and doing it with integrity, efficiency, and élan from every office.

Pryor Cashman’s attorneys are providing ongoing analysis and insight to clients through the firm’s COVID-19 Resource Library. The firm adds resources and updates existing guidance regularly to help clients and their businesses during these difficult times. During a recent appearance on Legal Marketing Coffee Talk with Stefanie Marrone and Rob Kates, Mike Mellor, the firm’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, stressed the importance of providing analysis and adding a layer of value to information that is readily available. “We don’t want to be another news source,” he said. The firm’s attorneys are pulling together to provide content and analysis in areas such as:

  • Banking, Finance and Loans
  • Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights
  • Corporate (including Filings and Deals)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Immigration and Global Mobility
  • Insurance and Coverage
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor and Employment
  • Private Client and Family Matters
  • Real Estate
  • Tax Considerations
  • Industry-specific considerations for visual art, medical, and music

The firm encourages interested parties to visit its Resource Library which is being updated on a regular basis. For more information, visit or contact Mike Mellor who is happy to facilitate an introduction to the right person.

Spotlight on: Bradley

The ContactEase client spotlight series continues this week with an introduction to Bradley, a national law firm with a reputation for skilled legal work, exceptional client service, and impeccable integrity. The firm provides business clients around the world with a full suite of legal services in dozens of industries and practice areas. Founded in 1870 in Elyton, Alabama, the firm has retained the tradition of Southern hospitality even as it has grown into a global force.

Like many firms during the COVID-19 crisis, Bradley has given prominence to its coronavirus response by creating a Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) webpage, as well as a COVID-19 webinar series. Something that really sets the firm’s response apart is its empathy. Bradley has focused on the client’s point of view by positioning itself as a partner to “walk through these uncertain times” together. Bradley asks questions on behalf of its clients (“If I have employees…?” or “Is my business essential?”) and provides visitors with an analysis and understanding of how these complex issues are affecting their businesses.

The collaboration between Bradley’s attorneys and marketing team has allowed the firm to provide clients with comfort and counsel in these unprecedented circumstances. Kelly Schrupp, the firm’s Director of Marketing said, “Bradley attorneys are working around the clock to help clients navigate the challenges presented during these uncertain times. Things are changing rapidly, so being there for our clients with current and accurate information is critical. Without the ability to manage our contacts, we could not communicate as effectively and efficiently with our clients during this time. We truly look forward to connecting with all of our clients and friends in person when this is behind us.”

Learn more at

Spotlight on: ORBA

You know that ContactEase works with law firms, but did you know we also work with accounting and other professional services firms? In this post, we’re stepping outside of legal and introducing you to Chicago’s ORBA (ORBA-Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.). ORBA helps privately-held companies and high-achieving individuals make and implement smart, confident, future-focused decisions. ORBA is an independent member of BKR International, a leading global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms representing the expertise of more than 160 firms with more than 500 offices in 80 countries around the world.

ORBA has been producing content at record pace to ensure that the firms clients are aware of and understand the implications of COVID-19 on their businesses. The firm has put out over a dozen COVID-19 related blogs and client alerts and continues to provide content and analysis to its clients and contacts. Recent communications include:

Visit for more information and to subscribe to the firm’s client alerts.

Spotlight on: Morse

As part of our ongoing client spotlight series, we’re looking at how firms are working collaboratively to provide their clients with targeted content and analysis during the COVID-19 crisis. In this post, we’re introducing you to Morse, a Boston-area law firm representing companies that range in size from small technology startups to Fortune 1000 companies in industries such as software, medical devices, professional services, financial services, construction, manufacturing, retail, non-profit and healthcare.

Unlike many firms, the transition to a work from home environment was an easy one for Morse. “Thanks to the visionary leadership and technology savvy of our management team, Morse has been uniquely prepared for these circumstances. We were able to shift to work from home conditions immediately, providing every single employee with a laptop,” said Jaclyn Braga, the firm’s Director of Marketing. During this time the firm is maintaining departmental meetings and all-inclusive firm meetings virtually, but they’re also connecting socially. At the end of the first week of Massachusetts’ stay-at-home advisory, Morse hosted a firm-wide happy hour (virtually, of course) and recently hosted a game of virtual musical bingo.

The firm is using this time to share knowledge with clients and contacts as well. Of the firm’s COVID-19 response, Braga said, “If information is power, our COVID-19 Legal Response Team, drawn from multiple practice areas, has ably demonstrated that keeping clients and other readers armed with the critical facts and cogent explanations is the most empowering service we could possibly deliver. With that goal in mind, our COVID-19 Resource Collection was created and is updated regularly.” In addition to the firm’s resource collection, Morse maintains two blogs: Good Company and the Massachusetts Employment Law Blog to provide excellent analysis on how COVID-19 is impacting businesses and industries represented by the firm.

Learn more at

Spotlight on: Warner Norcross + Judd

Our latest client spotlight features Warner Norcross + Judd.

Client service and teamwork are the founding principles of Warner Norcross + Judd and they apply these principles at every level of their organization. With eight Michigan offices and over 230 attorneys working in 14 industry groups and 27 specialized practice areas, Warner meets the legal needs of clients operating throughout Michigan and around the globe.

In this unprecedented time, Warner has risen to the COVID-19 call by maintaining a COVID-19 Resource Center on its website where new content is posted daily, featuring a “Question of the Day” and various other eAlert notices and webinar invitations and recordings. Warner is fully committed to providing clients with insight regarding new COVID-19 legal developments and continues to do so, as the crisis unfolds.

ContactEase has been an integral part of the process – enabling the firm to build its largest email list to date, using narrowed criteria to send COVID-19 related eAlert and webinar notices to clients, potential clients and client referral sources. As a result, Warner’s three recent COVID-19 webinars drew over 2,600 unique registrants – a huge jump in attendees for the firm. From these registrants, Warner gained numerous new contacts for the firm’s email list using ContactEase.

Additionally, Warner has developed a COVID-19 subscriber list through ContactEase and the list keeps growing. We’re excited to see one of our partner firms utilizing our tools to help them inform clients on important legal changes during the COVID-19 crisis.

Learn more at

We’d like to give a special thanks to the firm’s Business Development & Marketing team for their collaboration on this post.

Spotlight on: Bowles Rice

With more content going out than ever before, we think it’s important to recognize those firms that are going above and beyond. ContactEase firms are doing a great job of getting focused content out and in front of their important clients and contacts in record time.

In this post, we introduce you to Bowles Rice, a full-service law firm with seven offices and over 100 attorneys serving clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and throughout the United States.

Attorneys in the COVID-19 Legal Response Team at Bowles Rice monitor federal, state and local developments and advise businesses on fast-breaking issues. With regular e-alerts and a dedicated resources page, the firm is providing clients with the resources and analysis needed during this time.

From the Home Office: Amber Elliott, Director of Client Services at ContactEase

Pictured: Amber Elliott, Director of Client Services at ContactEase

ContactEase has been a fully remote company for nearly twenty years. We know that you’re being inundated with tips on working from home (and we agree with a lot of them), but we also know that working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. As many ContactEase firms are temporarily transitioning to a work from home environment, we wanted to share our own experiences with you. In this post, we’re talking to Amber Elliott, Director of Client Services at ContactEase!

Q: How long have you been working from home?
I’ve been working from home for almost nine years. I’ve been home schooling a 4th grader for the past two weeks and it’s a whole new ball game now.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working from home?
It’s a toss-up between the dress code and the commute.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?
My least favorite part of working from home has always been the absence of face-to-face interaction with other adults. As it turns out, that has served as great training for what we are all being asked to do now!

Q: Do you have a funny story or anecdote about working from home?
Oh, I have lots of them…some that probably shouldn’t be shared with a wide audience, but one I’ll never forget is a couple years ago when I had a new puppy (I thought was asleep) and a sick kiddo at home. We were all in my office when all of a sudden I saw sparks fly and heard a loud pop. Turns out that puppy wasn’t actually asleep under my desk and nearly set my office on fire! Definitely filed that one under the “things you never thought you’d have to text your boss.” Thank goodness nobody was hurt and it makes for a good story now.

Pictured: Welker Elliott fast asleep

Spotlight on: Rhoades McKee

Communicating with your firm’s important clients and contacts has never been more crucial. ContactEase firms are doing a great job meeting today’s unique challenges head on. During this challenging and unique time, we think it’s important to focus on the positive and that’s why we’re especially excited to introduce you to Rhoades McKee.

Operating in West Michigan since 1960, Rhoades McKee offers over 25 legal practice specialties to individuals and organizations in the areas of Litigation, Business and Corporate, and Real Estate. The firm has offices in Grand Rapids, Hastings and Holland, Michigan.

The Rhoades McKee COVID-19 Legal Response Team is a collaborative group of specialists from the firm’s employment, business, tax and contract law teams to assist organizations and business as they navigate the legal issues and impacts of this crisis. In addition to targeted alerts, the resource center provides visitors with easy access to a number of federal, state and firm resources. Members of the Rhoades McKee leadership team will also be participating in a webinar on April 1, 2020: Practical and Legal Aspects of Restructuring Strategies in a Financial Crisis which will focus on the financial and legal aspects of cash flow and operational strategies during this turbulent time.

We look forward to sharing our next client spotlight with you very soon!

From the Home Office: ContactEase Chair & CEO, Jeff Reade

ContactEase has been a fully remote company for nearly twenty years. We know that you’re being inundated with tips on working from home (and we agree with a lot of them), but we also know that working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. As many ContactEase firms are temporarily transitioning to a work from home environment, we wanted to share our own experiences with you. In this post, we’re talking to ContactEase Founder & Chair, Jeff Reade.

Q: How long have you been working from home?
I’ve been working at home continuously since about 2002, but started the business in my house in 1991 (in the Cole Valley district of San Francisco — that’s where Cole Valley Software gets its name) and worked out of it from 1991-1996. Under pressure from the city (we had nine employees in two flats of my home), we moved into an office until 2002.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working from home?
Both of my sons were born after I started permanently in my home office, and it has been great to be able to spend more time with them during the day than if I had a commute.I also get to spend more time with [my wife] Louisa, who sometimes comes in to check on me or bring me lunch.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about working from home?
In San Francisco, when I was sick, everyone would still come to work and I’d be holed up in my bedroom.

Q: Do you have a funny story or anecdote about working from home?
One time I was on a call with a group of people and my then three-year-old son, Charlie, opened the door to my office. I smiled and tried to waive him off to let him know that I was busy. All of a sudden he said, “I need a hug!” Everyone on the call thought it was the cutest thing ever. I gave him a hug and sent him back upstairs. It was pretty sweet.  

Spotlight on: YOU!

In these unusual and challenging times, professional services firms (and their marketers) are working harder than ever to continue to be a trusted advisor, provide excellent service and to meet their clients’ needs. Our clients are doing a great job of this and we want everyone to know. In a world overcome by uncertainty, we think it’s important to look for the positive. And this is why, over the next few weeks, we’re going to shine a spotlight on our clients and how they’re meeting these unique challenges head on. Look for our first client spotlight tomorrow. Is your team doing something to communication with clients and stay connected during this time? We want to hear from you! Contact

From the Home Office: ContactEase Edition
Did you know ContactEase is a remote workplace and has been for nearly twenty years? We know that that your inbox is flooded with invitations to webinars about working from home or tips for setting up your home office. Of course, these tips are great and most make a lot of sense (we all agree that having a dedicated work space is important), but we also know that working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Over the next few weeks, along with our client success stories, we’ll be sharing a little about our own work from home experiences. 

CRM + Valentine's Day = A Perfect Combination? We think so!

CRM may be the last thing you want to think about on Valentine’s Day, but consider this:

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Sara Coffey & Paul (P.J.) Sawchuk Appointed to LMA Local Steering Committee Roles

ContactEase is pleased to announce that Sara Coffey and Paul (P.J.) Sawchuk have been appointed to the Legal Marketing Association’s Local Steering Committees for their respective regions.

Sara Coffey, Documentation and Training Specialist at ContactEase, has been appointed Vice Chair of the Ohio Local Steering Committee of the LMA Midwest Region. The Midwest Region includes LMA members in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Sara is also entering her second year as a member of the LMA Talent Development Committee which focuses on developing future leaders within the organization. A former co-chair of the LMA Marketing/Competitive Intelligence Shared Interest Group, she has been a member of LMA since 2004. Prior to joining ContactEase, Sara was the Senior Marketing Content Manager at Jackson Kelly where she had administrative responsibility for the firm’s CRM platform and worked with attorneys at the individual and practice levels to develop and implement creative marketing and business development strategies and business development coaching.

P.J. Sawchuk, Director of Support & Technology at ContactEase, has been appointed Member-at-Large to the Baltimore Local Steering Committee of the LMA Mid-Atlantic Region. The Mid-Atlantic Region includes LMA members from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. P.J. also served as Technology Chair of the 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference. In his role, he will focus on strategic programming. He looks forward to working with the committee to identify new and interesting topics from which members can derive value and inspiration — especially those that have been successfully adopted outside of legal. Prior to joining ContactEase, he was Director of IT at Franklin & Prokopik. He is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

As a longtime supporter of LMA, ContactEase is proud to continue its involvement and strengthen its relationship through these appointments. CEO and Chairman, Jeff Reade, was inducted into the LMA Hall of Fame in 2018 and is a former member and treasurer of the LMA International Board of Directors. He has been a member of LMA for nearly three decades. Jennifer Whittier, President, is a frequent speaker at LMA events across North America and former co-chair of the Vendor Shared Interest Group.

See You in Denver?

ContactEase looks forward to continuing its support of LMA as exhibitors at the 2020 LMA Annual Conference in March. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more information on the conference and what attendees can expect!