Why ContactEase

At ContactEase, we make CRM products that are easy for lawyers to use

We provide lawyers with an easy-to-use CRM built within Outlook. Every day firms of all sizes use ContactEase to improve client outreach, streamline processes, and boost revenue. How? 

  • Email automation tools reduce redundant tasks, streamline data entry and other processes, and track marketing activities and engagement to let you spend more time on proactive and strategic initiatives. 
  • Financial integrations with existing firm systems provide you with access to enhanced data to target your communications and understand where your business is coming from. And because it works with the systems they already know, your lawyers will actually use it!
  • Built-in reporting and analytics allow you to track performance, drive engagement, and share statistics with firm stakeholders. 

Is ContactEase a solution that could help your firm? Let’s talk! We’d love to learn more about you and share how firms just like yours use ContactEase to save time, increase communications, and win new business!

Contact us: Email | Web | Phone: 800-447-1717 extension 2

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