Tech Partner Talks: Meet Your New Best Friend

In the final Tech Partner Talk of 2021, Amber Elliott and Sara Coffey, are pulling from the earlier talks to help marketers and other tech partners make the most of their relationships.

From making the business case to keeping things moving forward, the right partner really can feel like a best friend. Check out the the Resources page of our website for the full broadcast or to listen to the earlier ones.

The right tech partner is just like your best friend. How?

  • They have your best interest in mind. One size doesn’t fit all and the right partner knows they’re not for everyone. What works for one firm might not work for another. The right tech partners knows when they’re right for you.
  • They show up during the tough times. Implementing new technology at a law firm isn’t easy, but maintaining the momentum can be even more challenging. At ContactEase, we partner with our clients for long term success.
  • They have similar interests, but their primary interest is your success.
  • They actively listen. Tech partners should be experts in their field and understand the the industries they serve. They should also be ready to listen to their clients’ to understand their pain points and their challenges.
  • They accept you as you are. We know that the legal industry can be slow to adapt and working with lawyers presents its own unique challenges. Even the best tech partner can’t change that, but they can provide solutions to make your work life more efficient and save you time, streamline your processes and deliver ROI.
  • They’re supportive. The right tech partner understands your challenges, has empathy for you and your experiences and can offer creative solutions.
  • They’re trustworthy. You can count on the right tech partner to offer sound advice and guide you forward.

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