Make Tracking Part of your CRM Strategy

Many experts say that September is the other January, a great time to start fresh, set goals and make changes. Is it because we’re sending the kids back to school or is it the pumpkin spice? No matter the reason, there is definitely something about September that makes some us want to focus and tackle new challenges. If you’re looking to improve business development at your firm, tracking activities in your CRM is an effective place to start.

Tracking activities in your CRM allows you to maintain a centralized location of all the firm’s business development and marketing activities and touchpoints. Why is this important? Your lawyers are busy. Tracking their activities moves important business development information out of spreadsheets or their inboxes and provides you with the ability to measure and report on your firm’s active opportunities. Here are just a sampling of the benefits firms can realize when they track activities:

  • Coordinating pitch efforts (know who is talking to potential clients)
  • Identifying cross-selling opportunities
  • Creating reminders for lawyers so they can keep opportunities moving forward
  • Easily reporting on firmwide BD efforts, including activity opportunities and win rates
  • Eliminating the need to follow up with multiple contacts across the firm to get information
  • Providing lawyers with clear priorities and a focused list of targets to pursue
  • Sharing regular reports with practice groups and firm stakeholders
  • Identifying firmwide and industry trends
  • Reporting on progress toward yearly goals

If you’re ready to start moving your firm’s business development forward, tracking is a great place to start. A successful initiative starts with buy-in from your firm’s key stakeholders and it continues with consistent, correct data entry. Think about what you need to know to help your firm’s lawyers achieve their goals.

Do you remember learning the 5 Ws (and H) of storytelling in school? Think about tracking as the story of your firm’s relationships:

  • Who are your lawyers talking to?
  • Where did they meet them? How?
  • What did they do or talk about?
  • Why are they talking to them?
  • When should they follow up?

If you want to know more about how to start a tracking initiative at your firm, contact the CRM experts at ContactEase. We work with firms of all sizes that are using CRM tracking to move projects forward, improve internal processes and win more business.

Building on Law Firm Experience, ContactEase Welcomes Deborah Dobson

ContactEase is pleased to welcome Deborah (Deb) Dobson to its growing team of experienced law firm marketing and IT professionals. In the newly created role of Business Analyst, Dobson will work closely with the development team and key stakeholders to understand the needs of our clients and translate them into technical specifications to ensure continuous delivery and enhance the client experience.

With over twenty years of experience working in law firms, Dobson’s understanding of the legal industry, paired with her technical savvy, makes her a great addition to the ContactEase team. ContactEase President, Jennifer Whittier, said “Not only does Deb have a great reputation in the industry, but she understands the importance of using technology to help lawyers reach their business goals. We’re excited to welcome her to the team.”

Prior to joining ContactEase, Dobson was the Marketing Technology Manager at Fisher Phillips where she collaborated with firm leadership to implement large scale technology projects and leverage marketing technology across the firm. In addition to her legal marketing experience, Dobson was the Assistant Director of Information Systems at Spencer Fane for nearly a decade.

When she isn’t writing or speaking on blockchain, she enjoys photography and learning new technologies.

Fun fact: Deb is an identical twin!