Spotlight on: Bradley

The ContactEase client spotlight series continues this week with an introduction to Bradley, a national law firm with a reputation for skilled legal work, exceptional client service, and impeccable integrity. The firm provides business clients around the world with a full suite of legal services in dozens of industries and practice areas. Founded in 1870 in Elyton, Alabama, the firm has retained the tradition of Southern hospitality even as it has grown into a global force.

Like many firms during the COVID-19 crisis, Bradley has given prominence to its coronavirus response by creating a Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) webpage, as well as a COVID-19 webinar series. Something that really sets the firm’s response apart is its empathy. Bradley has focused on the client’s point of view by positioning itself as a partner to “walk through these uncertain times” together. Bradley asks questions on behalf of its clients (“If I have employees…?” or “Is my business essential?”) and provides visitors with an analysis and understanding of how these complex issues are affecting their businesses.

The collaboration between Bradley’s attorneys and marketing team has allowed the firm to provide clients with comfort and counsel in these unprecedented circumstances. Kelly Schrupp, the firm’s Director of Marketing said, “Bradley attorneys are working around the clock to help clients navigate the challenges presented during these uncertain times. Things are changing rapidly, so being there for our clients with current and accurate information is critical. Without the ability to manage our contacts, we could not communicate as effectively and efficiently with our clients during this time. We truly look forward to connecting with all of our clients and friends in person when this is behind us.”

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