Spotlight on: YOU!

In these unusual and challenging times, professional services firms (and their marketers) are working harder than ever to continue to be a trusted advisor, provide excellent service and to meet their clients’ needs. Our clients are doing a great job of this and we want everyone to know. In a world overcome by uncertainty, we think it’s important to look for the positive. And this is why, over the next few weeks, we’re going to shine a spotlight on our clients and how they’re meeting these unique challenges head on. Look for our first client spotlight tomorrow. Is your team doing something to communication with clients and stay connected during this time? We want to hear from you! Contact

From the Home Office: ContactEase Edition
Did you know ContactEase is a remote workplace and has been for nearly twenty years? We know that that your inbox is flooded with invitations to webinars about working from home or tips for setting up your home office. Of course, these tips are great and most make a lot of sense (we all agree that having a dedicated work space is important), but we also know that working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Over the next few weeks, along with our client success stories, we’ll be sharing a little about our own work from home experiences. 

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