Business Development Expense Management Add-On Module

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

ContactEase has over a dozen of add-on modules that are available to enhance the capabilities of the CRM platform and are designed to improve business efficiencies across your organization.

Tracking business development expenses can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Many marketing departments track this information manually and it’s often out of date.
With our Business Development Expense Management Tool partners, lawyers and their assistants can easily enter expenditures for approval, identifying the client/prospect and even the business discussed. Users enter the expense details including the person being entertained in a simple, easy to learn interface. This tool allows partners and lawyers to manage and submit their expenses in a timely fashion allowing you to track the total spend for the year. Expenses are submitted directly to Accounting and added to ContactEase with the click of a button – providing you with a spending recap against budget in a timely fashion.

ContactEase CRM products are easy-to-use and simple to manage. For more information about ContactEase Add-On Modules visit our website,




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