Legal Marketing Trends 2016

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

“The Relationship component of CRM is becoming more clearly defined for law firms. Firms are focusing on measuring and evaluating existing relationships, while becoming more aware of the investment required to obtain new clients.

By thinking differently about the use of our CRM systems, we can utilize existing technology to leverage and grow our relationships. Moving from mailing list management tools to fully functional business development and relationship intelligence tools is a clear trend emerging for 2016.

Technology alone cannot guarantee success, adequate resources and redefining the roles around CRM deployment will be significant discussion points for firms. We can expect to see firms deploying technology more strategically, staffing accordingly with new positions like Marketing Technology Managers and recognizing the need for project management leaders. Finally, we are beginning to bring substance to the age old discussion of ROI on technology deployment. CRM deployments for business development and client retention purposes will validate the ROI argument.

We can expect more discussion about CRM moving forward!”

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Jennifer Whittier
Jennifer Whittier

Chief Brand Officer
ContactEase CRM by Cole Valley Software, Inc.

Erin Molinaro, Marketing Director, Carruthers & Roth PA says…

“Implementing ContactEase is one of the best and most successful initiatives I have completed at my 7+ years at my midsized law firm, Carruthers & Roth, P.A. ContactEase not only enhances our current client relationships, it also enables us to leverage firm-wide knowledge into new business. We utilize ContactEase to seamlessly manage and track the relationships we have with our clients and other contacts. We also use it strategically to communicate with our clients, contacts and referral sources to retain existing business and attract new business. ”

Erin Molinaro, Marketing Director
Carruthers & Roth PA



Moving the Needle-Law Firm BizDev Strategies in the Real World

Mike Mellor – Head of Marketing at Pryor Cashman LLP

Part I of a four-part series on “real world” marketing in law firms. Law Firm BizDev Strategies in the Real World-Moving the Needle (Part I)

Exciting times ahead! On the heels of budgeting/planning for 2016, I thought it would be prudent to highlight some of the tools and tricks that I find helpful in enabling my attorneys and teams to brainstorm, organize, and succeed in moving the business development needle throughout the year….Mike Mellor | LinkedIn




This, our 27th annual report, has been the most difficult of all to write because of the volume of continuous, sometimes conflicting, changes affecting the legal profession — which many firms still have not recognized or accepted. As always, “What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession” is based on information we compile throughout the year, not only from clients and many other firms but also from surveys, legal departments and providers of legal services and support to law firms and their clients……read on –


As we were in the midst of preparing this report, one of my collaborators said to me, “From where I sit, all I’m hearing is ‘change!’”

“We’ve gotta change.”

“We are experiencing a tsunami of change.”

“The profession is experiencing radical change.”

“And yet, as far as I’m concerned, we ain’t seen nuttin yet.”

Those words sum up what we have reported here while pointing out examples — by no means all — of the developments, trends and issues affecting the legal profession. But the question in my mind, and in the minds of many, is: “Will the legal profession survive?”

I believe it will — if members of the profession follow the advice my late father-in-law repeated, constantly, to his family: “Do what you have to do, when you have to do it, whether you want to do it or not.”

Growing Relationships for CRM Success: Data Quality Do’s and Don’ts – Part 6:

Growing Relationships for CRM Success: Data Quality Do’s and Don’ts – Part 6: The CRM Wreck

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