Webinar-Marketing Directors Share Best Practices for CRM Success

Marketing & Business Development Peers Share Their Secrets to Success Wednesday, August 26, 2015, at 2pmEST
Register to attend – http://bit.ly/1P4ManN

Not too long ago, surveys were reporting that up to 75% of CRM initiatives failed. Hear from three leading marketing directors that beat  the odds and succeeded with CRM.
Our panel of three legal and accounting firm marketing directors will share success stories learned in implementing CRM:

  • Barbara Joseph, Client Development Director, Bowles Rice LLP
  • Kim Hafley, Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC
  • Joy Long, Director of Marketing, Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.

Topics covered will include:

    • How do you get sponsorship or buy-in from the management of a firm?
    • If management doesn’t believe in the new approach to CRM, why should the staff?
    • How do you build support for your CRM efforts and stay on track through sponsorship and change management?
    • What best practices have you learned in the implementation process?
    • Each CRM implementation is different based on the culture of the firm. How do you set expectations?
    • Will CRM be a phased-in approach?
    • How do you balance training in your firm? What is a Data Steward and how important is that role in CRM?
    • Content Marketing is key – how does CRM facilitate targeted communications to clients?
    • How has CRM made a difference in your firm?
    • CRM should improve the firm’s ROI? How are you measuring it?
    • What processes have been automated?
    • What impact has CRM had on the firm and more importantly on your clients?

For more information about ContactEase CRM Made Easy for Professional Services Firms, please contact us: 1-800-447-1712 ext.2 or sales@colevalley.com.

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